WCons strategy

Aims to give value to the lifetime of the product:

  • Give value
    Understood as attribution of a value that is measured in economic terms.
  • Product lifetime
    Understood as preservation through the time of the initial features, and then the service provided.
  • How?
    Assuring you the certainty to amortize the purchase price in a longer time.

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The WCons consortium aims to create and promote a system in warranties about the performance of all the manufactured products, produced by the members, in order to extend its lifetime for the user.

Why we do it: Because we believe in the value of mutuality, and the importance of cooperation for development.
Who we work for: All manufacturing makers, without territorial or sector limitation.

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Our principles are simple but not commonplace

The right price

The price must be proportioned to the life of the product.

The sustainable risk

Support its members applying the risk spreading principle, even to the issued warranties.

The best quality

Ensuring customer the certainty to amortize the purchase price in a longer time.

WCons projects

With our efforts we want to increase the quality manufactured products.

We carry out studies and research, and we are committed to enter profitable agreements for members, with suppliers of goods and services.

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