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The services provided by the Consortium can be provided free of charge or for a fee. The company admitted to be part of the Consortium may use, upon written request, the services provided by it. Services may be provided directly by the Consortium by companies internal or external to it, and professionals from outside Consortium. Services may also be provided temporarily to companies not associated to it, but held in pre-trial entry.

For further information, please consult the Operational Steps for Admission or refer to Artt. 3-4-5 of the Regulations.

Services and activities including

The Consortium reserves the right to implement or modify the services provided, in order to improve the supply and / or the efficiency of the same.

Access to the agreements

for members only.

Allocation of Unique Class of Merit (UCM).

Annual audit.

Art. 4.1

Inspections methods,

defectiveness of the product, reliability and compliance with the procedures. One off.

Art. 4.2

Guidelines and suggestions

for achieving higher classes of Merit (UCM).

Art. 4.3

Services and activities for a fee

The procedures and cost of delivery will be regulated by a contract.

Verification Service

for granting new Unique Class of Merit (UCM).

Art. 4.1 c)

System Consortium

for Risk Assessment on Commercial Credit

Art. 5.3

Service Coverage Warranty

on Products.

Art. 5.1

Service Control

Product Quality and reliability analysis of the factors of improvement.

Art. 5.2

System Consortium Deposits

support for long-term contractual.

Art. 5.5

Service Training

in the field of corporate culture, for entrepreneurs and their employees.

Art. 5.6


of market information.

Art. 5.4

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